Our Governor has encouraged us to “Get Out And Exercise”….

With that in mind, beginning on Wednesday, April 8th, The Classic will have our west gate open for members to come out for a ‘walk’. If you want to bring a bag of ‘sticks’ with you, I think that’s fine. Remember, this is for current, dues paying Classic members only! Absolutely NO GUESTS. The west gate is located past the cart barn, it is NOT the gate that you normally come through. The west gate will be open from 8am until 4pm ONLY. The west parking area will be the only parking available. We will be doing this seven days a week, from April 8th until May 4th or whenever the order is lifted.

During this time, please remember to adhere to the social distancing guidelines. The Pro Shop, Restaurant, Driving Range and Practice Greens are CLOSED. There are no FLAGS on the greens, no RAKES in the bunkers and no BALL WASHERS on the course. Be advised that THE CLASSIC IS NOT OPEN FOR BUSINESS! This is just a safe way to allow our members to get and get some exercise during these challenging times.

Thank you for understanding and please be safe.​